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James Rolfe net worth: $600 thousand

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James Rolfe – earnings and net worth + more

James Rolfe is a well-known media commentator who has had a long and distinguished career in the broadcasting industry. He has appeared on many television programs including ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, ‘Today’, ‘Access Hollywood’ and CNN.

In an interview with E!, he revealed that his first business venture was a “secretarial service” which failed miserably and was forced to close. So the next move was to get his hands dirty and start a small construction business in Washington DC. His father had owned a company called “Brute & Jeans” which made clothing for the military, so Rolfe inherited his father’s commercial instincts.

His early success was not necessarily his net worth – he got rich in a very short period of time from this job and it earned him a lot of respect. While there was a tremendous boost in his income, he did not want to focus too much on that and decided to use his inheritance for his next venture.

Rolfe bought a five-bedroom house in a gated community in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and put up a house of his own in a similar gated community in Virginia. To help build his businesses and be in control of the franchises, he created a company called “All American Owned and Operated”. It was a relatively new business that focused on building houses, and it is now considered one of the largest, successful franchises in the country.

Rolfe’s wealth also resulted from his roles in acting, acting schools, TV, internet, and network marketing. Since the fact that he had a substantial amount of equity in his companies, they were quite successful and when they went public, the value of his shares grew significantly, since many stockbrokers were prepared to buy those shares at the low price.

In terms of net worth, Rolfe reported that he is on the verge of seeing some significant change in the next few years. Some of the most noteworthy of these are:

Most of his investments are already returning handsome profits, but he is still putting in a lot of time and effort into keeping them profitable. In his view, you have to make a lot of money before you have to worry about your cash flow.

Rolfe said that his number one strategy is to constantly look for opportunities. If you have the resources, it can be very attractive to find products that are not yet in high demand, but are undervalued.

Rolfe is a great admirer of John C. Maxwell, who wrote the best selling book on ‘Maximising Returns’ and is now working on his next book. He believes that there is no such thing as a certain type of investment that will work over the long term.

He added that there is nothing wrong with looking at the big picture and investing in a long term trend, even if it takes a longer time to make a return. He described it as being like investing in “a pool of money” that will earn a constant rate of return.

At the end of the day, Rolfe stated that he thinks that the best strategies are “mix and match” and that you don’t have to have a specific investment strategy. Instead, it is more important to work out a strategy for yourself that will achieve the best results over the long term.