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Ben Askren net worth: $24 Million

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Ben Askren, currently the number one ranked Light Heavyweight in the world, is one of the most highly decorated fighters in UFC history. He has won two Light Heavyweight championships, has a record of 25-6 with fourteen wins by knockout and seven by submission. However, it is his profile as a “good guy” that keeps him on top of the rankings at one of the highest points in his career.

Is he worth all that he has accomplished? In many cases, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. Let’s examine the question in detail, starting with a history of wins and losses.

In his first five fights in MMA, Askren went 4-2 with wins over the likes of Lamont Peterson, Wanderlei Silva, Dada 5000, and Dan Severn. Askren was in pretty much the same situation that every fighter in MMA starts out in: low level competition. Askren’s record at the time consisted of just eleven wins and eight losses, but he knew what he had and went into the competition with the mentality that his first four fights in MMA would be the test to see if he could handle the high level competition.

In his first fight in the UFC, Askren was thoroughly defeated by a resurgent Kimbo Slice who looked like he would have a chance to upset the champion. In fact, the tide was already turning for Askren who went from a great prospect to a complete unknown to the win. This win pushed Askren up two divisions, and will be seen as one of the more impressive achievements in his career.

Two months later, Askren met Muhammed Lawal, and both men were a highly touted prospect. Askren didn’t know what to expect from his first fight, but he ended up making a very successful debut, winning a very close decision over Lawal. Oneof the things that impressed me about Askren in his second fight in the UFC was his ability to focus his opponent; instead of being distracted by every little thing, Askren began to go into Lawal’s head. What I mean by this is that Askren, who never stopped moving throughout the fight, started to make mistakes when he turned his back, but continued on to his next attack after disengaging.

The clash ending punches from Askren were hard to miss. This is because Askren has a good natural arsenal that allows him to pressure his opponents with powerful combinations. A great example of this was against Tim Sylvia, where Askren showed his high level boxing ability to an even greater degree.

After his performance against Lawal, Askren was given a sparring partner in future fights in the UFC, Stipe Miocic. After Miocic finished Askren in the first round, his timing improved drastically.

Askren was not too happy about fighting a sparring partner who had more experience, but came out of it a more rounded fighter. If you compare Askren’s first four fights in the UFC with his last four fights in the UFC, it is obvious that he has gotten much better in those four fights.

It seems that every time Askren is matched against a sparring partner who is a better fighter than he is, he gets better. When this happens, Askren’s performance becomes significantly better. Askren may be the one fighter who can run the gauntlet in all of his fights against experienced fighters, but he always seems to get better.

Askren knows that he is going to have to fight some of the best in the world. Since his first win, he has fought Igor Vovchanchyn, Diego Sanchez, Luke Rockhold, Glover Teixeira, and Roy Nelson. None of these fights have been easy, but they have been highly competitive affairs that asked more of Askren than he is comfortable with.

Askren is not afraid to fight for a title, and he is not afraid to win a title. So if you are looking for someone to bet on to win a title, you can take your pick from Askren.