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Matty Cardarople Net Worth

With a net worth of $500,000, Matty Cardarople's financial success reflects his talent and strategic investments in the entertainment industry. His calculated decisions have bolstered his wealth, showcasing success in the competitive show business landscape. If you explore further, you'll uncover more details about his diversified career and financial strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Matty Cardarople's net worth is estimated at $500k.
  • Mainly derived from his successful acting career.
  • Strategic investments have contributed to his overall wealth.
  • Financial achievements align with his rising prominence in the entertainment industry.
  • Demonstrates success in the competitive world of show business.

Early Life and Background

exploring background and upbringing

Born in Exeter, New Hampshire, United States on February 9, 1983, Matty Cardarople's early years laid the foundation for his future success in the entertainment industry. As an American comedian and actor, Cardarople honed his craft by studying acting at the New York Film Academy and the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Intriguingly, his journey into the world of entertainment began in a unique manner; Cardarople initially worked as Luke Wilson's personal assistant before making the shift to pursue his passion for acting.

Through dedication and hard work, Cardarople landed his breakthrough role as Charlie in the TV series Selfie in 2014. Embracing his quirky and comedic talents, he's since showcased his acting prowess in various TV shows and films, solidifying his presence in the industry. Cardarople's early experiences and commitment to his craft have unquestionably shaped him into the accomplished comedian and actor he's known as today.

Career Beginnings

Matty Cardarople's journey into the entertainment industry began in the mid-2000s with supporting roles in television and short films. Here are some key points that outline his career beginnings:

  1. Television Debut: Cardarople made his mark in the industry with roles in television shows like *Selfie* where he portrayed the character Charlie, showcasing his early talent and paving the way for future opportunities.
  2. Increasing Visibility: His career gained momentum with appearances in popular series such as *A Series of Unfortunate Events* (2017-2019) and *Stranger Things* (2017-2019), solidifying his presence in the television industry.
  3. Venturing into Films: While making a name for himself on TV, Cardarople also delved into the world of films, with notable roles in movies like *I Am Woman* (2019) and *Wheels of Fortune* (2020), proving his versatility as an actor.
  4. Noteworthy Performances: Known for his quirky and comedic style, Cardarople's recent standout role was in *Free Guy: Taking Control* (2021), further establishing his presence in the film industry.

Breakthrough Roles

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Stepping into the domain of breakthrough roles, Matty Cardarople's career trajectory took a significant turn towards greater recognition and acclaim in the entertainment industry. His appearances in films like Jurassic World, The Big Sick, and Free Guy showcased his talent and versatility, propelling him into the spotlight. Additionally, his role in the TV series A Series of Unfortunate Events brought him more visibility and solidified his position in the industry. Cardarople's comedic performances in movies such as Logan Lucky and Dumb and Dumber To further contributed to his rising career, highlighting his ability to excel in various genres.

Movies TV Series Recognition
Jurassic World A Series of Unfortunate Events Greater Visibility
The Big Sick Selfie Acclaim
Free Guy Versatility
Logan Lucky Comedic Talent

Notable Filmography

You can explore Matty Cardarople's notable filmography, which includes a range of movie roles in well-known films like 'Jurassic World,' 'The Big Sick,' 'Free Guy,' and 'Logan Lucky.'

His career highlights showcase his versatility in both comedy and drama, portraying memorable characters that have contributed to his recognition in the entertainment industry.

Cardarople's diverse roles have played a significant role in shaping his career and establishing his presence in Hollywood.

Notable Movie Roles

In his notable filmography, Matty Cardarople has showcased his versatility as an actor through roles in a diverse range of films.

  1. American comedian Cardarople's appearances in The Big Sick, Logan Lucky, and Free Guy highlight his comedic timing and acting skills.
  2. His roles in Absolute Evil, Dumb and Dumber To, and Please Stand By exhibit his ability to portray various characters convincingly.
  3. Starting his acting career in 2008 with Drillbit Taylor, Cardarople went on to feature in blockbuster hits like Jurassic World and 20th Century Women.
  4. Cardarople's diverse filmography includes memorable roles in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, The Big Sick, and Free Guy, showcasing his comedic and dramatic range to captivate audiences.

Career Highlights

With a diverse filmography spanning various genres and roles, Matty Cardarople has established himself as a versatile actor in the entertainment industry. His estimated net worth of around $500k reflects his successful acting career.

Cardarople is known for his comedic roles in films like Jurassic World, The Big Sick, and Free Guy, which have contributed markedly to his recognition in the industry. Additionally, his appearances in TV series such as Selfie and A Series of Unfortunate Events have further solidified his career highlights.

Continuously expanding his presence in the film industry, Matty Cardarople continues to showcase his talent and adaptability through a wide range of acting roles.

Memorable Film Characters

Matty Cardarople's notable film characters have captivated audiences with their distinct personalities and comedic flair across a range of movies in his impressive filmography. His roles as an American comedian showcase his acting versatility and comedic timing, making him a standout character actor in the industry.

Some of his memorable characters include:

  1. Keith in 'The Big Sick'
  2. Earl in 'Logan Lucky'
  3. Dude in 'Free Guy'
  4. Bobby in 'Absolute Evil'

Each character portrayed by Cardarople highlights his ability to bring humor and charm to the screen, solidifying his place as a beloved and talented actor in Hollywood.

TV Shows and Series

You'll find that Matty Cardarople has made notable appearances in TV shows like Selfie, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Stranger Things.

His portrayal of Charlie in Selfie particularly stood out, earning him recognition within the industry.

Cardarople's ability to take on diverse characters across different TV series showcases his talent and versatility in the television domain.

Notable TV Appearances

In his notable TV appearances, Matty Cardarople has demonstrated a remarkable range of comedic talents across various television shows and series.

  1. Cardarople appeared in TV shows like Selfie, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Stranger Things.
  2. His role as Charlie in Selfie gained him recognition in the television industry.
  3. Cardarople's versatility in portraying different characters on screen has made him a sought-after actor for TV shows.
  4. He's showcased his comedic talents in various television appearances.

Matty Cardarople continues to expand his presence in the television industry with diverse roles and projects, solidifying his position as a talented actor with a knack for comedy across different TV shows.

Popular TV Characters

Cardarople's portrayal of diverse characters in popular American TV shows and series highlights his comedic versatility and talent, garnering him recognition in the entertainment industry. His roles in 'Selfie,' 'A Series of Unfortunate Events,' and 'Stranger Things' have solidified his presence as a sought-after actor known for his unique contributions to the acting world. Cardarople's ability to embody a range of characters with impeccable comedic timing has made him a standout performer in the television landscape.

Through his appearances in various TV characters, he's captivated audiences and critics alike, showcasing his acting prowess and leaving a lasting impression in the industry. Matty Cardarople's work in TV shows continues to showcase his dedication to the craft and further cements his status as a talented actor.

Recognition and Awards

achievements and accolades celebrated

Despite his notable contributions to the entertainment industry, Matty Cardarople has yet to receive any significant recognition or awards for his work. This lack of accolades is surprising considering his respected position in the industry and his estimated net worth of around $500k, showcasing financial success rather than awards.

Here are some key points to contemplate regarding Cardarople's recognition and awards:

  1. Absence of Major Awards: Despite his talent and consistent work, Cardarople hasn't been honored with any major awards.
  2. Respect in the Industry: While he may not have awards to show for it, Cardarople is respected within the entertainment industry for his skills.
  3. Focus on Acting Career: It appears that Cardarople's focus has been on his acting career and financial growth rather than actively pursuing awards.
  4. Success Without Awards: Cardarople's success without significant awards underscores his abilities and the value he brings to the projects he works on.

Behind the Scenes Projects

You can explore Matty Cardarople's involvement in unseen creative collaborations, his hidden production roles, and his secret behind-the-scenes work. These endeavors in the industry complement his on-screen performances and have been instrumental in expanding his overall net worth.

Cardarople's strategic investments in behind-the-scenes projects have notably contributed to his financial success and stability in the entertainment business.

Unseen Creative Collaborations

In his unseen creative collaborations, actor Matty Cardarople has consistently brought a unique perspective and valuable contributions to behind-the-scenes projects in the entertainment industry.

  1. Innovative Script Consultation: Cardarople's keen eye for humor and storytelling has made him a sought-after script consultant, providing valuable insights to enhance comedic elements in various productions.
  2. Role Exploration Workshops: His workshops on character development have helped actors explore further into their roles, refining performances and bringing authenticity to on-screen portrayals.
  3. Creative Set Design Input: Cardarople's creative input in set design has elevated the visual appeal of numerous productions, creating immersive environments that enhance storytelling.
  4. Collaborative Comedy Writing Sessions: His collaborative comedy writing sessions have resulted in witty dialogues and humorous moments that have resonated with audiences, contributing to the success of many projects.

Hidden Production Involvement

Matty Cardarople's involvement in hidden production projects behind the scenes showcases his diverse skill set and substantial contributions to the filmmaking industry. His behind-the-scenes roles, including producing and other undisclosed projects, demonstrate his versatility and expertise in various aspects of filmmaking.

By actively participating in hidden production projects, Cardarople adds depth to his overall impact on the entertainment industry, going beyond his well-known acting roles. These projects highlight his multifaceted talents and his ability to excel in different areas of the film world.

Cardarople's dedication to behind-the-scenes work not only enriches his own career but also contributes significantly to the success and creativity of the projects he's involved in.

Secret Behind-The-Scenes Work

Behind-the-scenes projects involving Matty Cardarople reveal a hidden layer of his contributions to the film industry, showcasing his versatility and expertise beyond his on-screen performances.

  1. Matty Cardarople's secret cameos in 'Free Guy' were highlighted in Newsweek, adding a touch of mystery to his behind-the-scenes involvement.
  2. His work on projects like 'Night, Night' and 'American Cherry' demonstrates his diverse behind-the-scenes contributions.
  3. Media outlets such as Hollywood Life and LA Times have recognized and praised Cardarople's behind-the-scenes work, underscoring its significance in the industry.
  4. Through his behind-the-scenes involvement, Cardarople's dedication and versatility shine, enhancing the depth and intrigue of his on-screen performances.

Business Ventures

Cardarople's involvement in various business ventures within the entertainment industry potentially contributes to his estimated net worth of around $500k. While most of his financial success stems from his acting career, additional income from business ventures like investments in the Beverly Hills Playhouse or other entertainment-related projects could enhance his overall wealth.

The specifics of these ventures, however, remain undisclosed in the public domain, making it challenging to provide a detailed breakdown of how they impact his net worth. Nevertheless, Cardarople's ability to diversify his talents and engage in professional endeavors beyond acting showcases his entrepreneurial spirit within the entertainment sector. This diversity likely plays a role in bolstering his financial standing.

Despite the lack of explicit information on the exact nature and extent of his business involvements, it's evident that Cardarople's ventures contribute positively to his overall net worth alongside his successful acting career.

Philanthropy and Charity Work

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In the domain of philanthropy and charity work, Matty Cardarople's initiatives reflect a commitment to advocating for important societal causes and supporting charitable organizations.

  1. Matty Cardarople, along with his wife, has actively participated in charity events and fundraisers to raise awareness and funds for various important societal issues.
  2. He's used his platform to advocate for causes such as environmental conservation, mental health awareness, and animal rights, showcasing his dedication to making a positive impact beyond the entertainment industry.
  3. Through his involvement in charity work, Matty has demonstrated a genuine commitment to giving back and helping communities and individuals in need.
  4. His philanthropic efforts highlight a deep sense of social responsibility and a desire to make a difference in the world, aligning with his passion for acting and his studied craft.

Investments and Properties

Matty Cardarople's financial portfolio includes strategic investments in a diverse range of projects and properties. By making astute financial decisions, he has bolstered his net worth to $500k. His real estate holdings and business ventures play a pivotal role in his overall financial standing. Matty Cardarople's smart investment choices have been instrumental in maintaining his financial stability and fostering growth. Diversification has been a key strategy in expanding his wealth and securing his financial future.

Type of Investment Description
Real Estate Properties in LA and NY
Business Ventures Tech startup and restaurant chain
Stock Market Diverse portfolio of blue-chip stocks

Matty Cardarople's calculated approach to investments has not only safeguarded his wealth but also enabled it to flourish. His diverse investment portfolio reflects a keen awareness of market trends and a proactive stance towards financial planning. By strategically allocating resources across different asset classes, he has positioned himself for long-term financial success.

Overall Net Worth

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With an estimated net worth of $500k primarily stemming from a successful acting career, the financial stability and success of Matty Cardarople in the entertainment industry are evident. His income derives from various films and TV shows, showcasing his versatility and market demand. Cardarople's net worth reflects not only his talent but also his shrewd financial decisions, including strategic investments that have bolstered his overall wealth. Matty's journey, depicted through his net worth growth, is a confirmation of his dedication and persistence in the competitive world of show business.

  1. Matty Cardarople's net worth of $500k is mainly from his acting career.
  2. His diverse roles in films and television have been significant contributors to his financial success.
  3. Strategic investments have played a role in augmenting Cardarople's overall net worth.
  4. Matty Cardarople's financial achievements align with his rising prominence in the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Matty Cardarople Have a Stroke?

You are mistaken; Matty Cardarople did not have a stroke. No public reports suggest any stroke-related issues. His career remains unaffected, and he actively engages in the entertainment industry. Focus on his net worth, achievements, and projects.

What Does Matty Cardarople Play?

Matty Cardarople plays quirky and comedic roles in various films and TV shows. His versatility shines in characters like Keith in 'Free Guy,' adding humor and charm. Fans enjoy his unique acting style that brings a special touch to his roles.

Who Is the Cheese Puff Guy in Stranger Things?

You're asking about the Cheese Puff Guy in 'Stranger Things.' He's a quirky character played by Matty Cardarople. Fans love this comedic role from the first season, showcasing Cardarople's talent for bringing humor to his characters.

Who Played Noodle in Wheels of Fortune?

In "Wheels of Fortune," Noodle is played by Matty Cardarople. His portrayal of Noodle adds a quirky and comedic touch to the film. Matty's performance showcases his talent for humor and highlights his versatility as an actor.


Ultimately, Matty Cardarople has accumulated a substantial net worth through his prosperous career in the entertainment industry. With a varied range of roles in film and television, alongside entrepreneurial projects and charitable endeavors, he's positioned himself as a versatile and skilled actor.

Through strategic investments and wise financial decisions, Cardarople has safeguarded his financial future and continues to excel in his professional pursuits.