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Timand Eric: The Tattoo Man
Tim the Tattoo Man, The Tim and Eric Hour of Comedy at Toyko, Chiba Japan is not only a spoof of various reality shows like Jersey Shore, but also a musical comedy with its own vision. In addition to this, it has a few comedic songs that are catchy enough to be played by the P.A. or sung on the live stage.

Tim and Eric usually feature a picture of Tim the Tattoo Man, his wife, Tim the Tattooist and their son, Bobby. The characters of Tim and Eric also have an equally attractive girl friend named “The Cutie” who they call “The Bunny.” Tim, the Tattoo Man, has a little brother named “The Comic.” Tim is the owner of a Tattoo Studio where he performs his “art” all over the world.

Tim’s first appearance in the Tim and Eric cartoons was in a commercial about bedwetting. He and his wife had been featured in a similar ad. It was seen by both kids and adults alike. The duo turned out to be very popular in Japan, and in the wake of this commercial was launched to Japan’s TV. It became a hit there and, as of today, it is one of the most-watched international comedy series, making a great follow-up to Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!.

Tim and Eric have not only continued to make comics but have also started producing movies. Tim and Eric are also members of the Monty Python comedy group and, on top of this, the official mascot of the British National Championship Bowling Team. Tim and Eric have even sung some well-known English love songs such as “Fairytale of New York” (James Blunt) and “Round Here” (Megadeth).

Tattoos have always been a common theme in comedy sketches. However, the use of tattoos in Tim and Eric is unique. It is not only a popular part of the humor but has become a fashion statement for many people in Japan.

The term “tattoo” is the popular term for these kinds of tattoos. And the Tattoo Man himself, Tim the Tattoo Man, has his very own kind of tattoos as well.

In “Tim and Eric” Tim’s tattoos appear in the form of drawings of both his hands. They look so real and lifelike that you cannot help but stop and stare. So realistic are they that they could have been created with crayons!

The tattoos often have a personal meaning attached to them. In one of the episodes, when Tim has a problem with his cell phone charger, he starts to lose his tattoos. At first he just scratches his face and bleeds a little bit from the cuts. But eventually the tattoos get lost and he has no idea how they got there.

Eventually his wife explains to him that the tattoos are like her birthmarks. She says that they are a kind of totem of his “spiritual energy” and this is why he loses them.

Originality is the name of the game here. They don’t copy anything, but they do improve on the styles and concepts of other artists.

They were inspired by Walt Disney’s “Three Little Pigs” and it was based on the historical Teddy Roosevelt. The first episode of “Tim and Eric” featured a young Teddy Roosevelt. It was in fact the very reason the two decided to create the show in the first place.