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How much is Matt Stonie Worth?

Matt Stonie net worth: $700 thousand

This is how much Matt Stonie is worth. Check out the video to learn about Matt Stonies net worth and earnings.

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Matt Stonie – earnings and net worth + more

The famous bodybuilder and former UFC champ, Matt Stonie, once stated that he was worth more than Donald Trump’s net worth. He also went on to state that Matt Stonie was worth more than his four-wheel drive Hummer, his gold plated Corvette and his private jet.

It is known that Matt Stonie’s net worth is millions of dollars. These statements about Matt Stonie’s net worth are in no way true. He can only dream about this sort of wealth.

It is believed that this former pro wrestler, who is now being considered as the next President of the United States, is worth a minimum of ten million dollars. If he is really worth this much money, then he would be a billionaire. In fact, if Matt Stonie is really worth so much money, then so many others must be worth millions as well. Think about it.

Well, not all NFL stars are millionaires, but at least they are famous. Just look at Terrell Owens. There are several famous sports players that are millionaires, as well as actors and actresses.

If Matt Stonie was a wealthy American athlete, there would be absolutely no chance for him to become President of the United States. He would be quickly dismissed as an outsider, or as someone that is just one of the regular Joe Schmo.

You see, most professional athletes in America are sponsored by large corporations, as well as some of the major sports teams. So, what do these corporations want? They want money, and the main type of money that these corporations want is money. If Matt Stonie was to become President of the United States, then how would these corporations reward him?

What if he won the Super Bowl for the Cowboys? What if he won the NFL Championship? What if he did win the Olympics? Then they would reward him, with five figures per year, of course, with tons of gifts and memorabilia.

This is what most professional athletes get, these days. Yes, they will win these sporting events, but they are now expected to give up their own personal lives, and place their personal needs, along with those of their sponsors, above their own. What a shame.

Most sports stars would do anything to get these types of deals. To put it simply, the desire to be successful has reached new heights. Football is just a sport that will always be popular, and it will continue to be popular until one day when something comes along that will replace it.

Sports, however, will always have a place in America. It will never go away. It is now the hope of the future that young kids will be able to watch major league football and also see the other major sports.

Please consider all this. Please consider what would happen if Matt Stonie was to become President of the United States, and who would win in the case of a major championship?