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How much is Doug Demuro Worth?

Doug Demuro net worth: $3.3 million

This is how much Doug Demuro is worth. Check out the video to learn about Doug Demuros net worth and earnings.

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Doug Demuro – earnings and net worth + more

How Doug Demuro Made His Net Worth
Doug Demuro, the American-born writer and star of the hit television show “What Not to Wear” had been famous in America as one of the top musicians before the TV show launched his career. Demuro has built his net worth by tapping into the niche market of highly knowledgeable and highly effective sales people.

He came up with the brilliant idea of taking his material from the well-known industry blogger that he used to work with while working at a magazine called “The Ladies Business”. It was a secret closet sized building in Beverly Hills, California, so nobody would find out.

So Demuro’s blog about clothes and beauty is sold at $30 for a year subscription and gets read by millions of people. In addition, as we mentioned before, Doug owns a fashion clothing line and a website, The Doug Demuro Net Worth Shop. He has sold over one million clothing products and the money generated from that grosses around one hundred thousand dollars per year.

Doug moved to Hawaii in 1990 where he worked in an oceanfront building and made some great friends. He met his wife Lina at the same time. Lina, who had her own business, also traveled to Hawaii and helped develop a business from scratch. She had already quit her job to work on that opportunity.

Doug met her and fell in love with the island so he bought a condo there and they got married and bought a house there. After moving to Hawaii, Doug had plenty of time to indulge in his hobbies and vices. He enjoyed running marathons, traveling to different exotic places, sailing, sports, reading and partying.

He wrote articles on this vocation which was the nucleus of his income while in Hawaii. Soon after moving to New York, he began writing articles. When he moved to Los Angeles, he started writing articles for online publications like the online fashion magazine “Lingerie”, which he describes as “Sexier than Cosmopolitan”. Later, he continued this kind of writing, mostly for the Lingerie magazines.

It was his ability to take the advice of the many readers he met in these online websites that made him famous as a guru. All of the tips and tricks he shared with the members of the site, brought them wealth and success.

His net worth came from his membership fees he charged in these online forums. He would offer all the secrets he had discovered to the members. This became their wealth and the content from the websites he helped build became the basis of the net worth of the site owner, the lucky reader and the one who bought the sub.

The top sources of income were often through referrals of customers who bought his books and had found a great system of tips and tricks and liked it. If a member decided to buy his book or service, he would send it to the customer personally by email or snail mail. The customer could not ask for any discounts, the book was only available to the paying members.

These things worked every day for him, day in and day out. For example, if the customer visited his website, he would mention it in his articles. If he left them a comment at the end of an article he wrote, the reader would automatically be referred to his website.

Doug did this for years, all over the internet and eventually became a household name and his business took off in leaps and bounds. He followed his own way to success.