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Brandon Sanderson net worth: $6 million

This is how much Brandon Sanderson is worth. Check out the video to learn about Brandon Sandersons net worth and earnings.

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Brandon Sanderson – earnings and net worth + more

Brandon Sanderson is a brilliant author and a Nobel Prize winner, but when it comes to his net worth I find that he has lost quite a bit of ground with the passage of time. His books have not stopped selling; in fact Sanderson is selling some of his less popular novels as hardcovers which makes his net worth increase.

Of course I am talking about the three-volume series of the Stormlight Archive that have garnered high ratings for being a classic in epic fantasy, even to this day; that’s when Sanderson’s net worth is at its highest, as some are predicting. As an author of these three volumes of the Stormlight Archive I can say that I own and enjoy the books, although you can get them from the net if you choose to.

Have you noticed in most of the interviews that he gives that he has earned an “H” for his college graduation and is the best student he has ever had? Not to mention that his high school class he was a captain of is considered one of the top ten.

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As an author Sanderson has written three novels that contain his own properties; Mistborn, Warbreaker, and the forthcoming Reckoners. If you look at Sanderson’s financial information, you can see that he is currently worth quite a bit more than where he was back then.

Sanderson’s own sales of his books that are sold via the publisher Random House have been on the rise and for some years now; they have not been low. He is actually selling a good number of his less popular novels at this point.

Other authors who sell their own products, are in a class of their own as they have control over all of the details of their respective books. Sanderson is not a publishing power as this group of authors is and in fact his book sales has increased during the last decade; this is not to say that Sanderson cannot succeed as the industry continues to change and adapt to a more modern market place.

The funny thing about this situation is that Sanderson was not even out of the fantasy author world when he won the Nobel Prize for literature; this is a category of genre that you only find in a very select few. A very high percentage of the other fantasy and science fiction authors have no Nobel Prize at all.

If Sanderson were to go out and buy another fantasy book or a science fiction book, it would have to go out and be reviewed, and then go through the normal procedure of being assigned to a buyer, and then go to the publisher, and there it sits until someone buys it. But there is no such thing as buying a book at the same time as another book; this is not how publishing works, because it is never the same person who is purchasing each book.

Brandon Sanderson’s net worth is quite a bit higher than when he first became an author. It is true that he has put some of his money into book publishing and with the increase in sales of his books; this has given him an increase in net worth.

I believe that his net worth will continue to increase and that his fame will remain and grow over the years, especially if his books continue to sell. Whether that will happen remains to be seen, but I am hopeful.