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Patrick Bet David net worth: $150 million

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If you were to look at the bottom line, Patrick Bet David is an unsung hero of American enterprise. In contrast to so many in his industry, the former head of finance at Goldman Sachs is a true survivor.

As the most important investor of the last decade, Patrick Bet David took a risk that could have brought him to ruin. His pension fund, with its generous investment options, was part of a plan designed to protect future employees from being sued by clients who could no longer afford to pay their debts. That plan, through investment vehicles called 401(k) s, was designed to take risks on behalf of future employees and help them deal with bankruptcy or eviction if they lost their jobs.

But in 2020, after years of generous contributions, Patrick Bet David was given a choice between the current plan and a new one that reduced benefits and would make it easier for the firm to file lawsuits. He opted for the former. While it would affect only a few employees, it left the pension plan at risk of being “abandoned.”

For those who don’t know, pension plans are legally protected assets that provide retirement income for most, if not all, Americans. The assets are run by the companies themselves, but the fund manager works as trustee for the beneficiaries, manages the assets, and provides retirement income for them.

The official reason for why Patrick Bet David chose to take a risk with his pension plan was that he did not want the firm to have to file bankruptcy. That could result in losing everything, including his very handsome pension check. (Full disclosure: my mother had the same plan.)

Patrick Bet David himself may have done what seemed right at the time, but he did so because he saw the consequences to his companyif it was forced to file bankruptcy. Whether or not his decision has any effect on the future of the firm, it is clear that it contributed to the financial crisis that has devastated many companies and their executives. It made it less likely that banks would give companies money, making it harder for companies to survive and thus, likely a bigger threat to those same companies.

That is not to say that Patrick Bet David is a villain, just an example of the kind of changes and challenges faced by many people in the financial industry. During the crisis, banks took steps to restrict access to money, sometimes working with the government to enforce restrictions that made it more difficult for customers to access savings. In addition, lenders increased the cost of credit to make it difficult for consumers to make use of it. Because Patrick Bet David saw the threats to his company and took a risk on the financial firm that had been his client, he suffered from the consequences of those decisions, too.

But Patrick Bet David should be commended for taking that risk, for being willing to walk away from a potential windfall of thousands of dollars, and for making the best decision for his company. The biggest thing he learned, however, is that no matter how careful you are in protecting your investment, there is always a cost, even if you take all the necessary precautions.

So what happens now? Patrick Bet David is making a business decision, and most people have learned from his example not to take such risks. They’ll pay the price later, when they lose their jobs and find themselves struggling to find a way to feed their families.

For me, though, Patrick Bet David’s greatest lesson is that so many people are willing to take risks that they can really benefit from. There is a lesson in that for everyone, not just for those in financial services. We all need to learn from Patrick Bet David’sexample.

Even if you have nothing to lose, it’s important to be willing to take a risk, because many things are put at risk every day by everyday people. people like your children, and other relatives, and friends.